Under the slogan: “PRIORITY LINES OF THE INSPECTIONAL EDUCATION” the Education Inspectors of the Basque Country Association (AIEE -EHIE), ADIDE-Federation and the Department of Education of the Basque Country have organized the XV National Conference – Education Inspectorate, which will be held in the Euskalduna Palace Conference Centre in Bilbao on October 17, 18 and 19, 2018.

The Conference will focus on the Role of the Inspection of Education, in its different aspects:

  • the education inspector as a guarantor of rights of the educational community
  • school leadership assessment
  • teaching performance assessment
  • contribution to improving student competences
  • approaching conflict at school, helping to build coexistence in the digital era
  • overview of Dual Vocational Training
  • community intervention (Zorroza model, Bilbao)

The objectives that are pursued with this XV Conference are:

  1. To contribute to the training, improvement and updating of the professionals who work for Educational Inspections
  2. To share experiences from the Basque Country and to enable debate, contrasting them with national practices.
  3. To build knowledge based on successful experiences
  4. To open and deepen communication channels between professionals from different territories
  5. To present the role of the Education Inspectorate to the educational community and society at large.
  6. To show the city of Bilbao as a welcoming innovative and avant-garde city that offers knowledge and is involved in it.

In order to achieve the proposed objectives, various types of activities have been organized throughout the three days. Thus, more academic activities in the morning and more ludic-didactic-cultural afternoon will complete the XV National Conference – Education Inspectorate organized by AIEE-EHIE, ADIDE-Federation and the Department of Education of the Basque Country

There will be lectures by speakers of international renown. Smaller group debates and exhibitions will complement the more academic activities.

At the same time, this initiative aims to show the model of community intervention that is being developed in a participatory manner in the neighborhood of Zorroza (Bilbao), supported with the testimony the different participant sectors (City Council, Social Services, neighborhood associations, Support Services, schools, …)

On the other hand, there will be a ludic-didactic-cultural part, intended to show the city of Bilbao: the old town (“the Seven Streets”), the first expansion of the city (“the Ensanche”), the recovery of the estuary, the museums… All in order to leave a good impression on the Conference participants.

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